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Island in the snow

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I know you’re scared but try to relax. I can’t imagine what trauma you faced before you washed up on this island. I thought I was alone ..

washed up … Island?

Palm island It’s what I call it .. But I honestly have no idea where we are. I’ve been stranded here for two days .. I was looking for a good place to build a shelter when I saw you, you were unconscious .. Do you have any idea how you got here?

I-I don’t remember .. I’m trying to but my head it’s just pounding.

Hey, it’s okay. After you have some food and a good rest, you’ll be fine.

Okay .. uhum you saved me but I don’t even know your name ..?

Jasper. Do you know your own name .. at least?

I .. I’m ay-april .. Noa.

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This is the very first time I have EVER tried to make a celebrity sim, or re-create someone in The Sims 3. I have never been able to clone a real face, my simself has never looked like me, even after multiple times of changing her face. So yes, I am aware he doesn’t look exactly like Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes. However, I’m proud of my first try, and I’m going to share it anyway, because I freakin’ can. lol.

Technically, all of the items listed below are required for Rick to look as he does in the above pictures. If you do not install any of his CC he will not look as he does in the above pictures, BUT, if you don’t install his sliders, as long as you don’t mess with his sliders once you’re in CAS (any of them), technically his facial features should still appear as they do in the above pictures. (Don’t quote me on that… >.>)

I don’t believe I used a default skin on him, so you shouldn’t have issues with charcoal skin, but if you do… This is easily fixable. If you encounter charcoal skin, simply change his skin to something else, then change his hairstyle, and this problem will be solved.

Master Controller was used in order for him to have layered facial details. I believe he has 8 total “makeup” items on his face, which was achieved by clicking on the ground in game, selecting master controller/settings/CAS/ and from here enabling multiple makeup per category. I’m not quite sure how this works, you might not even need master controller for all of his facial details to show up in CAS & in game, since they were added prior to his upload. Though I’m not sure.

Rick Grimes is an Adult male sim. His traits are: Brave, Disciplined, Perceptive, Good, & Unlucky. All of his favorites & other details have been randomized. His download includes both .Sims3Pack & .Sim files.

All of the above pictures are unedited, aside from the text. <3

NONE of this custom content is installed via .Sims3Pack, they are all installed in my game as .package files, so NONE of his custom content will transfer. This is best for sharing sims IMO. If you want his custom content, you’ll have to download it all separately, thankfully there isn’t TOO much to download if you do want it, and almost all of it is universal so it can be used on other sims you create.

I honestly do not care how you use him, if you use him as a base, link back to this post and all is good, don’t re-upload to paysites or anywhere for that matter. Just enjoy him! (Not sure which cast member from the walking dead will be coming next, but keep your eyes open, because I will be making more from TWD!)

Tag me if you post pics of him? You don’t have to, but I’d love to see what he’s up to in your game!

Skin: There was Nothing Left

Eyes: People Without Brains

Brows: in798 @ XM Sims 3

Facial Makeup/Details: Tifa | Tifa | Tifa | Tifa | Tifa | Tifa | Arisuka

Sliders: The sliders I use can be found in my F.A.Q.

Other Stuff I Use: Skin Normal Map Replacement | Feet Replacement | Eyelash Mod | Master Controller | Glock Accessory | Slider Hack

Facial Hair: Base Game

Hair: Late Night EP

Every Day Outfit: Police Uniform, Base Game

Formal Wear: Base Game

Sleep Wear: Base Game

Athletic Wear: Base Game

Swim Wear: Base Game

Outer Wear: Seasons

Accessories: Glock Handgun, Not Included

DOWNLOAD: Box | DropBox | Mediafire

I hope you guys like him, and have fun with him! <3

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2014 MTV Movie Awards

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Eric Steam 

My sliders

Downloads: Dropbox Mediafire

TOU: Use for whatever just don’t claim him as your own or upload to pay sites. Tag me if you use and want me to see him in your game! 

His CC should download with him. Make sure to download my sliders or he might not look the same in your game. But that choice is up to you.

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New Sim - Eric Steam

download here.

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unedited pictures of the random beach house I built the other night.

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welcome home superhero daddy..

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