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I am so bad at naming these
This is the beginning of a whole bunch of family related poses I am making
These ones are with babies.
There are 11 poses, all of which are pictured above.
I have pose list enabled them, but I’ll provide the codes as well.
As always, all the info you need & more is in the download.
Codes are in the read me doc; please let me know if there’s anything wrong!


Calling all active Simblrs.   OG’S, 2’s, 3’s and soon to be 4’s!

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                           I saw your ghost tonight
                            the moment felt so real
                        if your eyes stay right on mine
                        my wounds would start to heal
                           I saw your ghost tonight
                            it fucking hurt like hell
                             I felt you here tonight
                           but dreams can’t all be real

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